Welcome to the Kolibrí festival!

Who hasn’t at some point dreamt about flying at the speed of a superhero or a hummingbird? Or perhaps tickle the clouds with the tail of a kite?

Did you know that during the week of 18-28 May, the children’s festival KOLIBRI and the fantastic library network HELMET invite parents and grandparents together with their children to celebrate a week of Papalotes, the Mexican word for kites?

Come and visit the libraries of Entresse, Sello, Iso Omena, Saunalahti or find out where the Library bus (Kirjastoauto) stops. There we will get together and make multicoloured Papalotes. Perhaps your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, aunts, uncles or godparents made kites when they were little and can help you! We will also have special guests, from Ibero-American countries, who will share fantastic stories.

Join us to realize the dream of flying Papalotes in the skies of Espoo, to amuse our families and the clouds as well!

KOLIBRI_Espoon Kirjasto_JK_2

What is Kolibrí?

The Kolibri Festival is a way to experience multiculturalism and multilingualism in Finland through children’s eyes. Kolibrí – the Ibero-American children’s cultural […]

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