Adriana Santamaría 

Adriana is a Colombian design strategist focused on social impact. She has seven years of experience leading and facilitating participatory design processes for organizations and grassroots communities, and life experience of drawing to communicate her ideas. She helps people and companies visualize, structure, develop, explain, and present ideas through storytelling and visual thinking. 

As an entrepreneur, she has co-founded a visual communication studio, a design for social impact workshop, and an education non-profit. She also participated in starting and supporting global initiatives like The Big Draw, Kid Hack Day, and TEDx in Bogotá, Colombia. 

She is an industrial designer from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, specialized in multimedia design at Universidad Nacional de Colombia and holds an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

Her motivation to participate in Kolibrí comes from her experience of living abroad for the past five years, which has allowed her to experience the creative richness that diversity in language evokes. She loves the pluralism of language, culture, and ages that meet in Kolibrí.