Pirjetta Mulari

Pirjetta Mulari has been working at Annantalo – Arts Centre for Children and Young since 2016, first as head cultural producer and now as acting director. As head cultural producer, she was in charge of the programming of Annantalo. As Annantalo’s acting director, she is responsible for the art education, programming and projects of the organization, having diversity as an intrinsic value. From 2005 to 2016, she worked as the manager for international affairs at Dance Info Finland. She was developing Dance Info Finland’s international work and within that, programmes such as Korea-Finland Connection, exchange, co-production and residence programmes between Japan and Finland, and Australia-Finland Dance Exchange. Mulari has also been active through her job in Nordic collaboration projects (kedja, ICE HOT), and is the Finnish partner for the Aerowaves network in Europe. Earlier, Mulari worked in different managerial positions, including at the Helsinki 2000 – European Capital of Culture office, Nomadi Productions, Heureka – the Finnish Science Centre and Dance Arena. She has an MA in Dance Studies from the Laban Centre, London, and studies in Physical Education, Law and Cultural Politics from Finland. She worked as a choreographer and dance teacher before turning to arts management.